Items deleted from your Filecamp account aren’t really deleted … they are just moved to the Trash. This two-step process adds an extra precaution to keep you from accidentally deleting a file or folder.

Empty Trash

To empty the Trash, click on the Main menu and select Trash.


Then click Empty Trash  icon in the Toolbar.


When you empty the Trash the files are permanently deleted and the used storage space will be released.

Notice: When you have emptied your trash, it can take up to 15 minutes before your storage level is updated. It may also be necessary to refresh your browser or to re-login.

Recover files from Trash

If files and folders are accidentally deleted, users with Trash access can easily recover files from the Trash.

To recover files or folders from the Trash, click the Trash  icon in the Main menu .

Select the files and folders you want to recover and select Move from the Bulk Action Bar. A pop-up window will appear where you can navigate to the desired destination folder and click the MOVE button.


The file/folder will now instantly be removed from the trash and restored into the destination folder.

Notice: Only Administrators and users with Trash access permission are able to see and access the Trash.